Latency arbitrage is a major issue in both traditional and decentralized exchanges, resulting in billions of dollars in losses every year. Traditional exchanges have proposed solutions, such as asymmetrical speed bumps, but these have been met with resistance from high-frequency traders. Centralized crypto exchanges suffer from liquidity fragmentation due to the large number of markets and pairs, while decentralized exchanges are limited by high gas fees and shallow order books. Newer protocols such as GMX are attempting to solve these issues, but they are limited by the use of price oracles for execution. Ultimately, a better designed system is needed to ensure that liquidity providers are not taken advantage of and that users are not paying the bill for a wasteful arms race.

Quiver is a revolutionary exchange that provides a unique liquidity solution. It is designed to be extremely easy to provide liquidity to, and extremely hard to take liquidity away from. This is achieved through a combination of delayed incoming orders, auctions, and a sweeper bot. The Vickrey and Ausubel auctions provide incentive-compatibility, allowing rational bidders to bid their full value, while the sweeper bot allows for large orders to be filled with zero execution risk. All of these features combine to make it a powerful exchange with deep liquidity and low execution costs.

We offer a novel fee structure, encouraging users to make many small trades at a reduced fee. Perpetual futures enable efficient bets on real-world assets, connecting decentralized trading systems with the real economy. We provide a secure, efficient and transparent platform for users to make trades and minimize these undesired risks. Through the integration with StarkEx, our users are able to access secure, cheap self-custody solutions. Standardized APIs make our platform accessible to third-parties and algorithmic traders.

Our mission is to make markets accessible to everyone and our team is committed to making this possible. We are ready to defend decentralized finance in court against overrearch from government agencies if needed, and we are exploring options to expand our user base and to ensure that we are compliant with the law.

In conclusion, Quiver is an innovative exchange that offers a revolutionary set of features and solutions for global investors. From perpetual futures to automated strategies and secure custody, Quiver is setting the standard for the future of decentralized trading. With more and more people entering the market, Quiver is committed to providing a secure and efficient platform that allows users to access markets, take advantage of new opportunities, and make the most of their investments.

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